The platform

The Vionvents platform enables active interaction. Information can be accessed live or on demand. In the run-up to the event, the platform provides information about the event such as products, solutions and services as well as the entire event programme. event program are available. This enables an optimal overview and convenient and individual planning in advance.

The reception is the first point of contact for your event. During the entire event, the reception is also a helpful support, should technical or organisational questions arise.

There are different offers such as the Auditorium or the conference, which allow active or passive participation. In product demonstrations, detailed and specific information is provided, which can be which can be called up at any time.

The Coffee-Bar offers a wonderful setting for a personal exchange in a self-selected group size. Here you can topics, exchange opinions or just have a relaxed chat in a pleasant atmosphere. or simply chat in a relaxed atmosphere.

If the conversation at the coffee bar lasted longer than planned? No problem! The recordings of all important lectures, demonstrations and conferences are available later as available as Video-On-Demand.


The website

Our platform offers the possibility to advertise your event and to present all relevant information clearly arranged.



In order to address the target group, an attractive and clear program is compiled. If you are interested, simply register under the respective program item. The platform then sends a confirmation email, which can then be saved in the personal calendar.



Similar to a physical event, the welcome takes place at the reception. Furthermore reception is also a support during the event for organizational or technical organizational or technical questions. The reception can be reached at any time.



The Auditorium offers the possibility to show video contributions. These will be made available live stream on the event website. Different formats are formats are possible. Be it an actual live broadcast, a pre-recorded format or both. recorded format or a combination of both.

Product demonstration


A virtual conference enables an active exchange of information in an individual and scalable size. Whether an information exchange with a larger group of participants or the interactive exchange in a smaller group. You have the maximum flexibility.


Product Demo

No matter whether it is an offline or online event, the main focus is always on presenting and presenting products products or services and to present them. In individual virtual rooms this is made possible in a very simple way.



In the virtual world, the chat offers a simple and convenient way to ask questions to ask questions, to exchange or to discuss. The chat complements the auditorium with a possibility for interaction for all sides, so that the lecture can be designed dynamically.


Coffee Bar

A A special highlight during an event are the coffee breaks and the associated and the opportunity to exchange ideas in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. Unfortunately, we have not yet managed to virtualize the actual coffee but our Coffee Bar creates the perfect environment for a virtual exchange with real coffee.



One one of the most important functions of events is to get in touch with people. with people. Normally, the purpose of an event of any kind is to exchange information about a common area of interest, to make new contacts and to build and establish to build and establish relationships. This is implemented in the "People" area - Messages are exchanged or even conversations are booked in advance.


One-on-One Meetings

A uncomplicated and yet personal way of exchanging information are One-on-One meetings. These can be booked in advance via the People booked in advance. Here, people can exchange ideas in direct contact.



At If required, you can record all presentations and live streams and make them available and make them available as video-on-demand. This offer allows maximum flexibility, so that no important lecture, no presentation, discussion are lost and are still available at the end of the event. available after the event.

More features

Invitations and reminders by e-mail.
Online registration with e-mail automation.
Slim and easy to understand design.
Intuitive handling.
Information is key and gets a special focus.
Program overview page with the possibility to register for events.
Direct access to the different offers during the live event.
Video conference with presentation, screen sharing, file sharing, whiteboard and chat.
Tracking of all visitor interaction and reporting.


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